100 Gems about Fibonacci Numbers: theory and problems


Autor: Bosch, Robert

Formats: Impreso,

ISBN(Impreso): 9780692457856

Páginas: 168

Idioma: ENG

Categoría: Matemáticas

Many books had been written about Fibonacci sequence. Usually related to golden section and basic properties of these amazing numbers. The aim of this book is to show to the reader many deep and new results on this topic in a novel way: through problems! This book consist of 100 problems (gems) with complete solutions and 2 explorations. Written to delight readers through interconnected problems from many different sources like Math Olympiads from around the world and prestigious journals. From the Foreword: "...This is a valuable addition to the existing literature on Fibonacci numbers and Elementary Contest Problems, which will benefit Mathletes, their teachers and trainers, College and University Teachers who could spice us their Elementary Number Theory Course with some problems from this book, as well as young researchers who could start a research project based on some problem from this book." - Florian Luca.

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